Bra (ब्रा) – Shop for Latest Ladies & Girls Bras Online

Bra – Shop from a wide variety of womens Bras online. Buy push up, sports, minimizer & more types of bras in new colours, design & patterns from

Bra (ब्रा) – Shop for Latest Ladies & Girls Bras Online

Bra – Shop from a wide variety of womens Bras online. Buy push up, sports, minimizer & more types of bras in new colours, design & patterns from TheFaha

Bra (ब्रा) – Buy Bras Online for Women at Best Price

Bra (ब्रा) – Bras for women and girls online, buy latest sports bra, plus size bra, T-shirt bra & more bra types in different colors, and sizes.

Bra (ब्रा) – Buy Latest Bra for Women Online at Best Price

Bra- Explore bras for women online in India. Shop for sports bras, padded bras, T-shirt bras & more types of ladies’ bras in different styles, colors,

Bra (ब्रा) – Buy Bras Online for Women by Price & Size

Bras for ladies and girls online, shop from latest collection of padded bras, cotton bras, push-up bras & more in all sizes, colors, types & fabrics • cod

Shop for Latest Ladies & Girls Bras Online

Shop from a wide variety of women’s Bras online. Buy padded,non padded,wired,non wired,push up, sports, minimizer ,bridal wear bras.

Bra (ब्रा) – Buy Latest Bra for Women Online

Bra (ब्रा) – Shop for Women Bras online @ TheFaha India. Buy ladies bra available in different types like padded bra, non padded bra, seamless bra,

Bras – Buy Bras Online at Best Prices In India

Enjoy the ideal blend of comfort, support, and style with women’s bras designed to empower and enhance your silhouettes. From everyday essentials to special

Bra (ब्रा) – Buy Womens Bras Online at Best Prices

Bra- Shop for the latest womens bra online. Choose from sports bra, T-shirt bra, push up, strapless, padded & more bras in different sizes & colors.

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Explore Faha’s collection of bras for comfort and style. Find your perfect fit from a range of sizes and designs. Shop now for confidence!

Bra (ब्रा) – Shop for Latest Ladies & Girls Bras Online

Bra – Shop from a wide variety of womens Bras online. Buy push up, sports, minimizer & more types of bras in new colours, design & patterns from Designer 

Bras: Buy Bra for Girls & Women Online at Best Price

Bra for Girls – Buy Bras for Women Online in India. Faha Bras for Girls provide all day maximum comfort. Select from our range of ladies bra at


Bras that Make You Go Wow: The TheFaha Edit

The most essential part of a womans outfit is her bra. While all other clothes can be replaced, adjusted and compensated, these undergarments need to fit perfectly. From style to colour, every aspect of a bra contributes to the wearers comfort and confidence. 

If you, too, have been on the lookout for a shaping piece that does justice to your needs, look no further than thefaha. Our range of mind-blowing designs will leave you in awe. Join us as we explore the diverse selection of options. From bras that lift to ones that appear seamless, there is a perfect variant that fulfils your needs.

A 101 Guide to Bras Online on thefaha

A woman must own at least one set that serves her needs on any given day. This set consists of a total of five styles. Allow us to elaborate on them.

  • MINIMISER: Perfect for the well-endowed girlies, these offer the coverage of your dreams. These wireless bras are designed to sit higher around the neckline, holding everything in place. They distribute the body tissues to create a minimised appearance. 
  • T-SHIRT: Unsightly bra lines have always been a big no. To combat them, the concept of the T-shirt bra was brought to life. This meant that you could wear clothes without worrying about the underwire peeping through. With its seamless make and soft cups, this bra makes you look flawless in just about any garment.
  • FULL COVERAGE: If avoiding spillage is your need, these are perfect. These evenly distribute the breast tissue and cover the decolletage to perfection. These are very similar to minimiser bras in make but do not offer the minimising effect.
  • PUSH-UP: Certain dresses call for a lift. This is where these come into the scene. Built with an underwire, these support the breasts, lifting them up. You can also expect them to feature curved cups that further enhance the appearance of the decolletage. You may also find some strapless bras with this feature.

H2 – What Are the Benefits of Investing in Good Quality Bras?

There are several reasons why you must invest in a quality bra to improve its life in the long run:

  • OFFERS GREAT SUPPORT: The right lift and push can help retain your natural beauty for a very long period of time. This is precisely what regular and plus-size bras can do for you. It holds them in place, leaving them lifted and fuller naturally. 
  • PROVIDES COMFORT: Let us be honest, life would be very different without a bra. High-intensity activities like jogging, running and jumping could be quite painful without one. Thus the added comfort of bras that hold the chest tissues in place is simply undeniable.
  • CORRECTS POSTURE AND IMPROVES STANCE: A heavy chest can cause significant discomfort and can even impact your posture. Bras help eliminate that concern, allowing you to stand up straight without hunching.
  • ENHANCES APPEARANCE: Bras are responsible for lifting the chest and ensuring your clothing fits better. This enhanced appearance amplifies your confidence.

How to Buy Bras Online?

Measurements are key to purchasing any garment. How well it fits can truly determine if it is worth the investment to begin with. Let us explore how to pick and choose the perfect bra below.

  • KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS: Before you shop, ensure you have your current measurements. Use a measuring tape to measure under your bust for the band size and around the fullest part of your bust for the cup size. This will help you start with the right size range.
  • CONSIDER THE MATERIAL: Fabric choices can affect comfort and function. Cotton is breathable, lace can offer beautiful detailing, and synthetics like microfiber provide smoothness and stretch.
  • CONSIDER SPECIAL NEEDS: If you have specific needs (e.g., maternity, post-surgery), look for bras designed for these conditions. They can provide additional support, adjustability, and comfort tailored to your situation.
  • READ REVIEWS: Online reviews can provide insights into how bras fit, feel, and hold up over time. Use them to guide your purchases, especially when buying online.

Buy Bras Online on thefaha

You can improve your chances of finding the best affordable bra that fits well and feels great, boosting your confidence and comfort every day! Simply sign up on thefaha and get your shopping spirits up! Join our community of shoppers today by registering for our Insider Program.



It is advised to wear bras designated for specific activities. Sports bras, for instance, are ideal for working out women as they are equipped with sweat-wicking properties and ample support.


A bras life can vary, but a good rule of thumb is to replace them every 6-12 months, depending on how often they are worn and washed. For example, a backless bra may have less use so it can last longer than a T-shirt style.

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Our bras are designed to provide the perfect fit and support, with a range of cup sizes and styles to choose from. From push-up bras that enhance your natural curves to sports bras that offer maximum comfort during workouts, we have it all. Our panties are crafted from soft, breathable fabrics that feel luxurious against your skin, ensuring all-day comfort without compromising on style.

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